Former Lawn, Lake Balboa

  • Front-yard-turf-removal
    Lawn freshly removed.

This was delightful project to work on.  The owner who has lived at this location for 50 years wanted to remove her front lawn, avail of the DWP Lawn Rebate program and have a space to sit with her neighbors from time to time.  We worked together on what natives she liked and I created a space that was easy for her to walk through and maintain.  She is a very skilled and avid gardener so her input was much appreciated.  It is less than 6 months old but already the plants are taking hold and thriving. A birdbath needs filling a few times a week and that is a ritual done when an inspection or some weeding is performed. Salvia clevlandii, lavender ‘Provence’, manzanita ‘Howard McMinn’, buddleia ‘Dark Knight’, Leymus ‘Canyon Prince’ , Gaura, Salvia greggi are a few of the varietals planted.