Early 20th Century Bungalow, Altadena

  • California-native-garden-before

This was a delightful project to work on.  My design partner Leigh Adams and I had a true blank canvas to work with.  A huge flat double sized front yard that was sown with wildflowers and iris and was really a riot of color for a few months each year.  The clients wanted the space redesigned and configured for use as an outdoor room and a plant palette that was drought tolerant, colorful and a haven for bees, birds and beneficial insects, We also added a river of grasses and prairie plants that bisects the large space and removed the old pathway and re-purposed the fine old red brick into another pathway at the back of the garden, The topography was altered by the addition of undulating berms that help retain moisture in addition to giving height and visual interest  Like all gardens that have many California natives it takes a year or so for the vegetation to grow in. As always strict organic principles were adhered to in the creation of this garden.